Welcome to txConnect for Mt. Vernon I.S.D.



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The Parent Portal Mobile site is available!

From your smartphone or mobile device, please visit our mobile site at:

District Message

Welcome to the new parent portal system. The txConnect program is self-administered, which means that the parent/guardian chooses their own user name and password. Parents will use the automated process for setting up accounts as well as making any changes. Please wait until you receive your student portal ID letter to set up the account. Since we are unable to provide technical support to everyone or all computers, we ask that you use the documents provided on the school website and/or the HELP menu on this page. It will walk you through all of the steps necessary. There is only one student portal ID per student, so you will need to share that information with any other family members that would like to set up an account. Parents can create one login account with multiple student portal ID numbers. This is great for families with more than one student.